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Monday, December 24, 2012

Public Holidays In January - Global Celebration

There re 3 global holidays in this month.Everyone is very sick of hard working and want to enjoy and spend time with his/her these are events on which you are totally free and have nothing to do.Just enjoy night parties with your family or friends and sleep till 1 PM of next day and dont take any tention.
Her below wallpapers an pictures of events are available with event names and dates.hope you will enjoy alot my work and share it on Facebook or twitter and let others to chill.

On 1/1/----
New Year's Day 

In London
girls celebrating new year in london

In Switzerland
new year celebration in switzerland

In British
new year in british

New Year Traditions

New year celebration

gold and white fireworks

happy new year of cow

On 21/1/----
Martin Luther King Day 

Martin Luther addressing big crowd

Martin Luther freedom

Martin Luther and america

Martin Luther king of freedom

On  24/1/----
Belly Laugh Day 

old lady laugh

justin bieber belly laugh

24 january belly laugh global day

pregnant girl belly laugh


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