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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Highest Cricket Partnership for 6th Wicket

The best cricket partnership is between Indian players MS Dhoni and Ashwin when they were playing first ODI match against Pakistan.

When Muhammad fawad get wickets of four players and Muhammad irfan take one wicket,then india was under pressure.Then indian captain dhoni lead his team and with the partnership of Ashwin played till 227 and give the good score to pakistan to win .

The partnership between MS Dhoni and R Ashwin was of 125 runs which is best ever partnership on this wicket. Dhoni did 113 score and Ashwin did 31 score.
But still pakistan won this match because of outstanding bating of Nasir jamshed.

dhoni playing against pakistan

MS Dhoni jump and play for boundary

r ashwin bowling

ashwin,dhoni and yuvraj singh playing


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